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Accumetry - GAME INFO
358 mal gespielt

Beschreibung: A simple game that uses geometric shapes to test the accuracy of your eyes without using geometry instruments.

Anleitung: Use mouse to drag the point box to the correct position.

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High Scores
AM636. October 2011, 0:12
Eisenpimmel!6915. May 2012, 23:47
Eisenflöte7028. March 2013, 12:23
klllll786. October 2011, 0:09
mulle10123. September 2012, 19:31
SNIPER10316. June 2012, 22:24
mxe11430. December 2012, 22:22
Eisenfaust12715. February 2013, 11:47
Roooaaarrr13017. May 2012, 21:51
Hubidoo1398. November 2011, 23:02
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