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Paper Golf II EX - GAME INFO
Paper Golf II EX
66 mal gespielt

Beschreibung: How good is your visual memory and hand-eye coordination? Challenge six 9-hole courses of increasing difficulty. Once you're done, visit LetsMakeAGame.com to play user-created levels and make your own!

Anleitung: Click on the blue box (the tee) and drag. The screen will go blank, so make sure you remember where the hole is! Let go to place the ball. Try to get to the hole in as few strokes as possible!

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Highscore Listen
Course 1 Highscores
Eisenpimmel!3125. June 2012, 15:17
Nemec666522. March 2012, 15:52
dt1000562. March 2012, 17:12
Course 2 Highscores
Eisenpimmel!1725. June 2012, 15:20
dt1000272. March 2012, 17:18
Course 3 Highscores
Eisenpimmel!3225. June 2012, 15:23
dt1000342. July 2012, 12:31
Course 4 Highscores
Eisenpimmel!4525. June 2012, 15:26
Course 5 Highscores
Eisenpimmel!4625. June 2012, 15:30
Course 6 Highscores
Eisenpimmel!5025. June 2012, 15:33
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